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25th Apr 2019

Emmerdale viewers delighted as Maya is finally caught out kissing Jacob

Jade Hayden

It’s here.

It’s happened.

The beginning of the end.

For months upon months, we’ve been plagued by the incessant grooming of teacher Maya and her creepy ways as she convinces teenager Jacob that he’s actually in love with her and that they should be together forever, etc.

They shouldn’t, obviously, because Jacob is but a child and Maya is pushing 40, but that’s the goal of the groomer, lads – make everybody’s lives hell.

Maya has pretty much succeeded in doing that this whole time, and all the while us – the poor, poor audience – have been sitting and simply waiting for it all to be over.

And then tonight happened. 

The scene was set (Hotten) and the players were in place (out the back of a nightclub) when it all started to go down.

Maya caught David kissing his ex Tracy and, despite the fact that she is literally having intercourse with his son, she flies off the handle.

Seeking comfort – and a bit of revenge – in Jacob, Maya makes it so he shows up to the club, further emphasising the fact that he is a legitimate child.

The pair start kissing and, lo adn behold, are caught rapid by none other than Priya.

She, naturally, tells the rest of the gals what she saw, saying: “He was here. He was kissing Maya. I said he was kissing her. He got out of the cab, she was there, they were obviously pleased to see each other and they kissed. Like two people who can’t get enough of each other.”

An excellent pay off for all involved.

… If not slightly underwhelming considering all the hype this episode has been getting.

Viewers were naturally delighted by the turn off events because, unlike Jacob’s girlfriend, Priya isn’t just going to ask for a bribe and then get on with her life.

She’s going to make it stop. She has to.

C’mon, like. If she doesn’t, it’s a joke. A total farce, the whole thing.


Anyway, here’s what people were saying: