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06th Jul 2017

Eastenders fans are raging at the death aired on the show tonight

They really aren't happy.

Cathy Donohue

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A step too far.

Eastenders fans are pretty annoyed following tonight’s show where it was revealed that Dot Branning’s beloved cat Dave had died.

As regular viewers of the soap will know, Dave was nowhere to be seen in recent episodes, causing Robbie and Sonia to organise a search across Albert Square.

Sadly on tonight’s show, it was revealed that Dave had met a grisly end when Robbie, played by Dean Gaffney, found his body in one of the bins.

Unsurprisingly, people felt this was a rather cruel way for Dave to go and they made their feelings known on Twitter.

Eastenders fans

Some have even said that he was a decent actor and they really liked seeing the pet on screen.

Here are just a few of the tweets sent in relation to Dave’s demise.