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17th Aug 2018

The dramatic reason why Stormy Daniels wasn’t on Celebrity Big Brother last night

Jade Hayden

stormy daniels

Ah, god.

Last night, Celebrity Big Brother kicked off.

It was a pretty exciting launch night for Emma Willis who wore a pants suit, the housemates who entered the BB gaf for the first time, and the audience who were waiting with baited breath to see who was going to cause the first inevitable scrap.

There was a noticeable presence missing from last night’s show though – Stormy Daniels.

The former porn star was supposed to be entering the house to cause a bit of a storm (lol), but apparently she had a massive fight with producers in London and refused to take part unless she was given more money on top of her already agreed fee.

Grim enough.

A source told The Sun: 

“Stormy landed in London and was taken to the Village hotel in Elstree where the celebs are put up.

“From the outset it was clear something was wrong and once she sat down with the producers all hell broke loose. They just didn’t get on.”

Not an ideal scenario when you’ve got a show to put on, in fairness.

The source went on to say that Stormy asked for a further £100,000 on top of her £750,000 prior to entering the house. When producers told her they wouldn’t give it to her, she refused to go in.

Stormy is alleged to have had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006. She then said she later signed a non-disclosure agreement to prevent her from speaking about the relationship.

“Everything in the house was ready for her! That massive mock-up of the White House was all for Stormy,” said the source. 

“Eventually her people said she would go on for an extra £100,000, but CBB said no, so she just walked away.

“To say it’s been a nightmare is an absolute understatement. Everyone is completely baffled.”

This doesn’t mean that Stormy won’t be entering the house at a later stage though.

Like, she came all the way from Texas for this, it wouldn’t really make a lot of sense for her to go home with nothing.