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19th Nov 2018

Dr Alex shows support for I’m A Celeb’s John Barrowman in one hilarious tweet


It’s been five months since the world was introduced to Dr Alex and since then our feelings towards him have changed – multiple times.

We float between loving and loathing him on the regular, however, his latest post has us feeling a round of applause is in order.

Yes, the Love Islander took to Twitter last night during the premiere episode of I’m A Celebrity and showed support for one contestant in particular.

John Barrowman was the first celebrity to be introduced to viewers and people were quick to comment on one thing – his sunburn.

You know where this is going? Good.

Yep, viewers took to Twitter when they noticed the star looking a little pink and Dr Alex could feel his pain (pardon the pun).

“Hey John,” Alex wrote.

“I know how it feels to suffer from sunburn on national television.

“Stay strong, my man. We are rooting for you.”

It was all support from Dr Alex who shared his tweet on Instagram, simply saying:



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A post shared by Dr Alex (@dralexgeorge) on

Dr Alex was famously a worrying shade of sunburn throughout his time in the Love Island villa, something that resulted in a lot of Twitter mockery.

However, the ER doctor is making sure he gets the last laugh.

You win this round, Doc.