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10th Jun 2024

‘Disturbing’ dark thriller series starring Gillian Anderson is being called a ‘work of art’

Nina McLaughlin

It’s a series you can watch over and over again

If you’re running low on good TV options after a chilly few weeks, well let me tell you, you are in for a treat.

If you loved Fool Me Once, it’s the perfect series to keep your pulse rate up.

The Fall first premiered back in 2013, and ran for three incredible and critically acclaimed seasons.

Filmed and set in Northern Ireland, it stars Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson.

The story follows Gibson as she hunts for the Belfast Strangler, a serial killer who has been on the loose in Belfast.

What ensues is a cat and mouse hunt between Gibson and Paul Spector, who is played by Jamie Dornan.

Of course, attempting to get justice isn’t easy for Gibson, and she comes across many issues within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The cast also includes Bronagh Waugh, John Lynch, Colin Morgan and Emmett J. Scanlan.

Viewers in the UK are able to watch it on BBC iPlayer, and it comes highly recommended. It is also available to stream on Netflix.

“You seen The Fall with Gillian Anderson? The whole thing is great, but her performance is especially good in it,” one person wrote online.

A second put: “Gillian Anderson’s character in the show The Fall is so good rewatching the series.”

While a third said: “Incredible performances again from my two favourites – your good self @EmmettScanlan and Jamie Dornan.”

A fourth wrote: “Jamie Dornan looks amazing. The last season is so disturbing…The Fall is a work of art!”