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14th Jan 2019

Corrie reveal potential victim of Peter Barlow’s deadly boat fire

Jade Hayden


Coronation Street have revealed the potential victim of Peter Barlow’s upcoming deadly boat fire.

A new trailer ahead of the devastating scenes show the dad screaming mercilessly as the boat goes up in flames with son Simon trapped inside.

Peter had been hoping to fix the boat up and eventually sail off for a bit to chill out and have a nice time, but his plans are about to go up in flames (literally) as his boat burns down with his son trapped inside – for at least some of the burning.

Grim enough.

The trailer shows Peter shouting for Simon after realising that the teenager is trapped inside the boat.

It remains to be seen, however, whether both men will emerge from the boat unscathed or if Peter will lose more than just his vessel in the fire.

The future grim-ness doesn’t end there though as the soap recently revealed that Nick Tilsley’s intentions weren’t all that innocent when he decided to steal a load of money from grandmother, Audrey.

Ben Price, who plays Nick, said that although the business man has every intention of returning the money, he’s also got “more of an edge” than he did before he returned to the cobbles.

“He always planned to put the blame on Lewis and somehow get it back to Audrey,” he told Digital Spy.

“He also imagined that it wasn’t hers originally, so it is not really hers to lose. She hadn’t expected to get it so it wasn’t her savings, her hard-earned cash. He actually thinks she never had it.

“Nick has a bit more of an edge to him than he did before, as he has been messed around a lot. Carla messed him around, Leanne did, his ex-wife is now trying to ruin him. He is trying to take control.”