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11th Jul 2022

Coronation Street’s Sue Nicholls diagnosed with cancer after fans’ warning

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She was diagnosed in 2011.

Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls has thanked one eagled eyed viewer after she spotted a cancerous mole while watching the show.

The actress who plays Audrey Roberts on the soap has shown her gratitude to nurse Anna Bianconi-Moore by inviting her on set to thank her in person.

It was back in 2010 that Anna was watching the show when Audrey appeared on screen in lingerie as part of her storyline, and the mole on Sue’s shoulder caught Anna’s eye.

Due to her background as a nurse, Anna knew something was off and realised it was malignant melanoma.

The nurse got in contact with the show to advise Sue that she should get it looked at. It was another year before Sue had the mole removed and a diagnosis was given.

Once her cancer was treated, Sue appealed for Anna to get back in touch and invited her on set. Taking her up on her offer, Anna arrived in Weatherfield and Sue finally got to thank her in person.

“I noticed it was irregular in shape and had at least three different colours that I could distinguish by standing close to the television,” Anna said at the time.

Thankfully, Anna spotted it at just the right time as if it isn’t caught early, the cancer cells of melanoma can gown into the layer of your skin and infect the blood, causing tumours to potentially develop in other places.

Making a big deal about thanking her, Sue insisted on meeting the nurse in person as she had potentially saved her life.

She said at the time: “She is such a kind, conscientious and clever lady. I wouldn’t have done anything about my mole had she not got in touch – it was just a freckle, and I’d had it forever.”