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20th Jun 2019

Coronation Street icon Angela Griffin is returning to the cobbles after 20 years

Angela Griffin is back.

Jade Hayden

It’s been a while.

Coronation Street icon Angela Griffin is set to return to the cobbles very soon after 20 years away.

The actor, who played Fiona Middleton in the ITV soap until 1998, will be coming back for a short but sweet visit as she shows up to let somebody of note know that they’re actually the father of her child.

That somebody is none other than Steve McDonald – and her child is now 18 years old.

Who’d have thunk it?

Fiona caused a bit of stress and havoc for all involved when she was on the street originally too.

Back then she was dating Steve but was also having an affair with his father, Jim. Another Corrie veteran who recently returned for a surprise visit as well.

They’re all out these days.

This affair, naturally, caused a rift between Fiona and Steve, but it also sabotaged her marriage to Alan who decided last minute that he simply could not be a part of such a coupling.

Steve and Fiona eventually made up and moved in together… before Fiona kicked him out for cheating with Maxine Peacock.

None of these people can keep it in their pants, seriously.

“Angela’s return is short and sweet but it has huge implications for Steve,” a source told The Sun.

“She’s back on screens and will find out that the dates that he was with Fiona tally up to when Emma was born.”

Steve is set to have a conversation with mum Liz about the issue, as he claims that the child can’t possibly be is. She calls him an idiot and says that it is.

“No wonder you failed maths. Count back nine months,” she says.

“How do you remember that?” asks Steve. “I can’t remember who I was seeing last month let alone in 1998? Emma can’t be my daughter. I don’t want another daughter.”