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22nd Mar 2019

Coronation Street has revealed the aftermath of Rana’s death and it is heartbreaking

Keeley Ryan

Coronation Street has shared the first look at the aftermath of Rana Habeeb’s death – and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

The nurse was killed on her wedding day to Kate Connor, becoming trapped after the roof of then Underworld factory collapsed.

The soap didn’t air its usual double bill tonight due to football. However, they did give fans a brief glimpse at the special hour-long episode which will be airing on Sunday.

Charlie Demelo, who plays Imran, introduced the clip as he told viewers:

“Just a quicker reminder that there is no Coronation Street tonight.

“However, because we love you very much, here is a quick preview of the opening episode of Sunday’s hour long episode.”

The footage starts off with a view of the outside of the factory, which is now blocked off by police tape, and a shrine to Rana outside.

Gary Windass – who is one of the six suspects for the factory collapse – looks incredibly upset as he stares at the tribute to Rana alongside Sarah Platt.

It cuts to Carla Connor lying down on the sofa in Peter Barlow’s arms. While Peter can be seen sleeping, Carla is wide awake – and haunted by the tragedy.

You can check out the full preview below.

Coronation Street will air a one-hour episode on Sunday, March 24  at 8pm.

In late January, Bhavna Limbachia – the actress who has played Rana since 2016 – confirmed she would be exiting the long running soap.

Following the heartbreaking scenes, she spoke to The Sun about why she had asked for her character to be killed off.

She said:

“When I told Kate Oates and Iain McLeod that I wanted to leave the show to try other things, it was my decision and my choice for Rana to die because it was the only fitting end to the character.

“Kate and Rana had fought so hard to be together and they had been through thick and thin together.

“I believe their love was so pure as two souls that there was no way that Rana was just going to have a change of heart, hop in a cab and leave.

“I felt that if they were to be separated, they had to be torn apart and it couldn’t have been their decision. The only way to go was if Rana were to die. Rana would never leave Kate, ever.”