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29th Mar 2018

You can now pimp your tyres with glitter spray and even Xzibit would approve

Your ride has been officially pimped.

Denise Curtin

This is extra AF.

Looking to give your car that boujee edge? Well, this will certainly do the trick, Black Magic has released a glitter spray and colour to make your wheels the talk of the town.

This non-permanent tyre coat can be applied at home and the sets currently available on Amazon include a sponge and a squeeze bottle for easy application.

Want to know exactly how this actually works? Well, Matthew Cherrington posted a video to his YouTube account, which has over 100,000 views, showing exactly how to apply the glitter and what it looks like afterwards. Now although he isn’t really a fan of the product, we are!

The product which costs $69.99 to buy here on Amazon (and includes free worldwide shipping), has gone down a treat with many customers.

One person wrote:

“I bought this stuff last year and got so many compliments on my car! It stays on in the rain, but if  you’re driving through too many puddles, you may have issues of it coming off. But I love this stuff and glad I am able to find it on Amazon!”

While another wrote…

“I bought this for my daughter because she just loves glitter everything. I also told her I needed to use it after she did her tires but, she’s yet to share she liked it so much. Will definitely have to buy again for myself.”

You can purchase the product here. Beep beep.