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13th Aug 2023

QUIZ: How well do you remember High School Musical?

Our thirteen-year-old selves are ready.

If you’re between the age of, say, 18 and 35, then High School Musical was most likely a prominent feature in your childhood lives.

Back in some previous year of the 2000s (what year? We’re not telling you), High School Musical was released on the Disney Channel and it pretty much took the world by storm. A few days after its release and EVERYONE had seen it.

Even those of us who didn’t have the Disney Channel had bunkered up in our friends’ houses to watch it maybe three or four times in a row. Ah, those were the days.

What was it that made it so special? The singing? The drama? The dancing? Zac Efron’s smile? Every single one of Sharpay’s iconic scenes? Yes, all of the above.

High School Musical just had that je ne sais quoi that made it an instant hit with a whole decade of young teens, tweens, and everyone in between.

Why not take a walk down memory lane with this little quiz?

Do you think you’re a true HSM fan? Well, we’ll see just how much you remember of your so-called favourite Disney Channel movie. This quiz will have mostly questions from the first movie, with just a few thrown in from the second (sorry, third movie, you don’t make the cut).

So here you go. Good luck, [name of basketball team] – on no, we’re not giving anything away.


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