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13th Jan 2019

You can now buy underwear that makes you look like a present for eh… special occasions?


Denise Curtin

It’s a bit early to start talking about Valentine’s Day.

We know that.

But this piece of “underwear” from Bluebella looks like the gift that keeps on giving as it basically “transforms” you into a present and what could be a better gift than that? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

For €18.38, you can essentially wear a piece of ribbon that just about covers you and ties in a knot at the centre of your chest.

Described as:

“Playful and provocative satin Body Bow, that leaves everything to the imagination. The gift that keeps giving.”

Sorry… “leaves everything to the imagination”? Are we looking at the same picture because I am fairly sure I can see 3/4 of this model’s body.

The body bow which was also for sale on ASOS once upon a time shows us just how risqué the bow actually is, as unlike the underwear’s official site, ASOS included a picture of what the bow looks like from behind… and, wow.

It kind of reminds us of a new take on that hideous sling thong green bathing suit that Borat wears, expect this time it’s not a prop in a comedy blockbuster.

The bow which is available to purchase here comes in a variety of three colours with prices ranging from €9.19 to €18.38 depending on which colour you choose.