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05th Jan 2020

This is how you can get a puppuccino for your dog at any Starbucks cafe

Coffee for me, puppuccino for my best mate.

Denise Curtin

Coffee for me, puppuccino for you.

There’s nothing cuter than seeing your dog enjoy things that grown-ups like and do.

From walking themselves on their leash to wearing cute outfits and finally, eating human-like food.

It’s the simple things.

And if you’re a lover of Pinterest then I’m sure you’ve seen plenty adorable snaps of dogs drinking Starbucks.

Now to note: It’s not actually coffee, never give your dog coffee. It’s just a small cup of whipped cream dubbed a puppuccino for dog’s love of it and they adorable white noses it produces from puppers sticking their head in the cup.

You can order a puppuccino at any Starbucks in any country and like stated in some places, it’s nothing to do with a secret menu – just ask for a puppuccino or a small cup of whipped cream if they’re looking at you weirdly and volia, it’s a coffee date for you and your bestfriend.

Puppuccinos are also usually free from Starbucks so, be nice to your barista and if they’re sound back you should be getting it for free.

If your dog suffers from digestion issues I would however reccommend avoiding dairy. Thankfully, most dogs are perfectly fine to eat a little bit of dairy here and there and so, a puppuccino makes for a perfect treat but I wouldn’t be serving them to your furry friend on the daily, maybe a weekend celebration for when they’re really being the best boy.

And finally, don’t forget to take plenty of pics, dogs drinking Strbucks makes for the best Insta moment.

The cuteness.

Images via Pinterest