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18th Mar 2018

Blue Ivy bidding $19,000 for a piece of art is the definition of extra

Orlaith Condon

The lifestyle of the rich and famous, ay?

When you mam and dad are Beyoncé and Jay Z there’s no doubt your childhood is going to be a little different to most.

Since the moment she was born, Blue Ivy has enjoyed a life of excess and this weekend was proof of that.

Despite being just six years old, that didn’t stop Blue from attending an art auction over the weekend.

While it doesn’t sound like a six-year-old’s idea of a good time, Blue Ivy seemed to get into the swing of things and was shortly placing bets – for $19,000.

Yes, the SIX-year-old proudly put down a bid of $19,000 on a painting called ‘Cries in Poorness’ – the irony here is hard to miss.

While it has not been confirmed whether or not Blue’s bid was the winning one, it’s pretty much irrelevant.

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However, it looks like Jay Z was a little embarrassed by his daughter’s extravagance as he can be seen pushing her hand down when she tried to make another bid.

Live your truth, Blue!