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15th May 2023

‘It’s all so set up’ – BGT viewers left divided over PE teacher’s dance audition

Clodagh McKeon

Some thought it was fake.

Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Felix Clements, has divided opinions after he took to the big stage on Sunday’s episode of the show.

The PE teacher impressed judges Simon Cowell, Alesha DixonAmanda Holden and Bruno Tonioli with an emotional routine and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

His students were cheering him on in the audience but Felix claimed he had no clue they were there.

When it was announced he would continue into the next round of the competition, the children raced on stage to high five and celebrate with their teacher.

However, Felix has been hit with backlash ever since.

BGT viewers are convinced the whole thing was a set up and although he acted clueless, they believe Felix knew what the kids were going to do and may have even orchestrated it.

Felix did win the hearts of many fans but some took to Twitter to voice their doubts on how genuine the scenes were.

One person wrote: “As if he didn’t know the kids were there!! All so set up !! #BGT.”

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“Now this is MY kind of act”

Another BGT fan said: “So he didn’t know they were there but then said ‘best school trip ever?’ …. ok. seen better acting AND dancing in GCSE drama lessons #BGT.”

One person’s tweet said: “#BGT A teacher, his class in the audience, boring storytelling “dance”, of course they put him through. This show is no longer about talent.”

“It’s all a set up”: said another Twitter user.

Others were having none of the negativity and voiced their love for Felix.

This fan who was in full support of the dancer wrote: “Now this is MY kind of act. The sort of thing I used to see on the Greatest Dancer. Love contemporary style of dance it’s so breathtaking creative and beautiful.

“This is a strong audition from Felix. I loved that!!!!!”

Videos of the heartfelt, contemporary dance act has gone viral across TikTok with creators sharing their opinions on the whole thing.

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