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09th Aug 2023

Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi set to star in new drama this year

We cannot wait to see these two talents join forces!

BAFTA Award winner and Summerhill native, Barry Keoghan, will hit the big screens again this October for his role in Saltburn, which will open this year’s 67th London Film Festival.

This time the Banshees of Inisherin actor will star alongside Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi in the “wicked tale” written, directed, and produced by Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman).

Everyone’s favourite Barbie girl, Margot Robbie also took on a producing role with this project.

Keoghan stars as Oliver Quick, a young college student at Oxford University, who becomes besotted with schoolmate Felix Carton (Elordi), as well as his wealthy and outlandish family.

Set in the mid-2000s, the storyline sees Felix welcome Oliver to his family estate during the summer with themes of privilege and desire at its core.

Oliver, finding it difficult to find his place at the esteemed college, becomes drawn into the charm and allure of Felix’s wealthy lifestyle.

While further detail on plot points has yet to be revealed, two images released ahead of the film’s release have given us some insight into the location and setting of Saltburn, which was filmed across various locations in the UK.

The first image shows, we can only assume, Elordi, overlooking a hedonistic view from a balcony after what appears to be the morning after the night before.

And what a night before it looks like.

The sheer size of the grounds, the elaborate statue, and decor draped everywhere all point to a party only the aristocratically born can afford to throw.

The next little snippet we have of the upcoming drama is of the sprawling Saltburn estate.

This is where we really get to see the luxurious and lavish life that is led by Elordi’s characters family and possibly why Keoghan’s character becomes infatuated with it all.

I mean, look at it.

Other cast members include Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike, House of the Dragon’s Ewan Mitchell, The Great Gatsby star, Carey Mulligan, as well as many other talented names.

Following its festival debut in October, Saltburn is expected to hit cinema screens across Ireland on Friday, November 24th.

We sense another Oscar nomination for Keoghan.