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11th Nov 2021

Another day, another Christmas movie – Netflix’s latest festive flick is so bad it’s good

Katy Brennan

Yet another one for the list.

A cheesy new festive movie called Father Christmas Is Back has just landed on Netflix and let’s just say it probably won’t be winning an Oscar any time soon.

The British comedy, which has received a whopping 13% on Rotten Tomatoes, follows a quirky family – who just happen to have the surname Christmas – as they reunite for the festive season in Yorkshire.

Caroline (Nathalie Cox) has been looking forward to the best Christmas ever all year but her dreams are crushed as her three sisters – played by Elizabeth Hurley, Tallulah Riley, and Caroline Quentin – come to stay at her house.

It is then revealed that their long lost father (Kelsey Grammar), who walked out on them 27 years ago, has randomly decided to join them for the festivities. He shows up with his much younger girlfriend and drama ensues.

People are describing it as so terrible they can’t look away and, to be honest, we’re intrigued.

“So I started the Christmas watching with Father Christmas is Back, on Netflix… it’s so bad but I can’t look away because when I think it can’t get any worse… it does.” one person said.

“Father Christmas is Back on Netflix is so dumb but now I’m invested to see the purpose of the movie,” another said.

Meanwhile, some people embraced the movie for what it is – a cringey but easy-to-watch Christmas flick for all the family.

“Aaaah I’m watching Father Christmas is back and I love it!” one viewer tweeted.

Others wondered how Netflix managed to get a star-studded cast to take part in such a cringe-fest.

“Father Christmas Is Back is a fantastically terrible Christmas movie,” one user said. “These Christmas movies don’t require much to meet the genre. A little cheese, a little love, and toss in some nostalgia. Why blow money on Grammar, Hurley and [John] Cleese? @netflix”

“Father Christmas is Back (we had to split it into 2 parts cos it was a HARD watch) but should be studied for how to get an amazing cast signed up to one of the worst Christmas movies I’ve ever seen,” another wrote.

Another person simply stated: “Holy jingle bells that was awful.”

Does it look shockingly bad? Yes.

Will we still watch it to get into the festive spirit? Also yes.