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09th Feb 2019

8 of the best Valentine’s Day episodes form our favourite ’90s TV shows

Keeley Ryan

Which one is your favourite?

January honestly felt like it went on for just-about-forever – but February is finally here – and love is in the air. 

We mean, of course, that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – so it more like love is just really…a lot more in-your-face than usual.

While there’s all the loved-up movies available to binge, some of our favourite things to watch on Valentine’s Day involve a stroll down memory lane.

These holiday specials from the ’90s artfully managed to stay entertaining while still showing love as more than a a gift-wrapped, and potentially disposable, sentiment.

Instead, they showed love in all of its forms: beautiful, frustrating, wonderful and heartbreaking.

Which, when you’re a kid, is some pretty powerful (and unforgettable) storytelling to watch unfold.

So, for the week that’s in it, here are some of our favourite ’90s Valentine’s Day episodes.

The Simpsons

When? Season 4, Episode 15: I Love Lisa 

Lisa choo-choo-chooses to send Ralph Wiggum a Valentine’s Day card after noticing that he hasn’t received any from their classmates.

But when he ends up developing a massive crush on her, she ultimately breaks his heart – on television.

Sister, Sister

When? Season 3, Episode 16: Valentine’s Day

Tia tried to be the ultimate cupid in the episode when she attempted to help Tamera win back her ex.

And, after finding out that they had exchanged valentines, she tried to help Ray and Lisa realise their true feelings for each other.


When? Season 6, Episode 32: Be My Valentine

Definitely one of the Rugrats’ best – and cutest – adventures to date.

After fooling around with Angelica’s cupid costume and accidentally hitting Tommy’s dog, Spike, with an arrow, the babies try to seek out a Valentine’s Day date for the pooch.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

When? Season 1, Episode 17: First Kiss

When Harvey and Sabrina share their first kiss in the magical series’ first Valentine’s Day episode, she accidentally turns him into a frog.

She ends up having to go through the Witches’ Council’s Test of True Love so that she can prove her feelings for Harvey are genuine.


When? Season 1, Episode 14: The One With the Candy Hearts

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and each member of our favourite group of television pals finds themselves celebrating in some…unique ways.

Rachel, Monica and Phoebe burn all of the items that remind them of their exes – and Joey accidentally ends up setting up Chandler and Janice on a blind date.

Saved By the Bell

When? Season 4, Episode 13: Isn’t It Romantic? 

Love is definitely in the air at The Max.

Our favourite Bayside characters spend the episode reminiscing about all things romance-related – including the start of Zack and Kelly’s relationship, as well as Jessie and Slater’s.

Hey Arnold!

When? Season 1, Episode 20: Arnold’s Valentine

Arnold has not one, but two, dates for Valentine’s Day: one with Ruth and another with his French pen pal Cecile.

Only…it turns out that Helga was pretending to be Cecile, in an effort to spend more time solo with the love of her life.

Boy Meets World

When? Season 5, Episode 15: The First Girlfriend’s Club

The episode follows another favourite fictional boyfriend of the ’90s, Shawn Hunter, as he’s about to celebrate his first Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, Angela.

But things take a turn when a group of his ex-girlfriends kidnap him to try and keep him from possibly sabotaging the day – and his own relationship.