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30th Oct 2016

12 reasons why Hocus Pocus is the best movie EVER

The film was released 23 years ago this week.


This week, it was exactly 23 years since Hocus Pocus was released.

We’ll let you take a moment to digest that.

Twenty-three years.


Moving swiftly on, there’s a number of reasons why it is still a firm favourite in households across Ireland in the lead-up to Halloween, and here’s why…


Bette Midler

Bette is at her best, in our opinion, in this movie. She absolutely rocks the role of Winifred Sanderson and terrifies and delights us at the same time.


Something different…

Every time you watch Hocus Pocus you discover another joke you missed, or another laugh out loud moment that your eight-year-old self might have missed out on.


It’s SJP’s best role

Yes, yes, we loved her as Carrie in Sex and the City, and the whole ‘will they/won’t they?’ storyline around Carrie and Big, but really, our favourite Sarah Jessica Parker role is in Hocus Pocus. Amazing.


The terrifying zombies

Hocus Pocus made zombies cool.

Also, we felt pretty sorry for Billy the Zombie for some weird reason.


It taught us all something special…

And that was that we all should run amuck on Halloween.

Even though it scared you…

And more than likely, made you laugh, it also made you cry. A rollercoaster of emotions.

The not so secret crush…

We all had on Thackery Binks. Admit it.


It was educational…

We all got a crash course on what a ‘virgin’ was. And were terrified of ever lighting a candle.

virgin candle

The only thing we wanted…

Was Max’s deadly bedroom. We don’t think he appreciated it enough.


And relax…

Or if you’re seriously stressed, do what Mary does, and form a ‘calming circle’.


I’ll put a spell on you…

They put a spell on all of us. And we were only delighted.


Nooooooo! Not Binx!

binks says bye