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07th Oct 2018

10 things people do on Instagram that annoy the sh*t out of us

The feels.

The struggle is real.

Instagram is a fickle subject, you either absolutely love it or utterly despise it.

Between the recent photoshop scandals and Facetune after Facetune clogging up the explore feed, there is one thing for sure and that is, it has everyone talking.

However – regardless of your personal emotions towards the app, there is always, and I mean always things that people do on it that get RIGHT underneath our skin.

And in order to correctly vent and exhaust this feeling of annoyance, we have made a list of the twelve things that should be banned from Instagram (as of immediately).

1. Adding hashtags and then deleting them

It is A LOT of effort to put in THAT much effort, so why? Just why?

2. Writing the words “shameless selfie”

Hun, post the pic or don’t but please refrain from writing selfie, it hurts.

3. Posting 12 pictures from one night

This application is not your camera roll, I repeat.

4. Putting six boomerangs in your Insta story

Utterly migrane-inducing. I see your clinking a glass, I don’t need to see it five more times.

5. Posting an Insta story but scribbling out your most ‘recent’ picture

Thank you for alerting us to go like your latest picture. Greatly appreciated.

6. Philosophical captions on every image

These are utterly unrelated and TBH ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. Using Facetune


8. Uploading pictures with Snapchat filters and captions

My eyes are bleeding. (You know you can remove a caption right?)

9. Writing throwback Thursday on a different day

Yes that is what #TBT means…

10. Overposting gym pics

Well this one just makes us feel bad…