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16th Apr 2014

Which Pop Couple Could Be Tying The Knot Any Day Now?

Just set a date already.

Could there be wedding bells on the horizon? Jason Derulo has hinted that he’s waiting for the perfect timing before popping the question to girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

The Talk Dirty singer told Access Hollywood Live that although he doesn’t want to put too much pressure on his relationship, he plans to propose to his girlfriend, saying:

“We’re not engaged yet, not yet. When the time is right and the stars are aligned perfectly [I’ll propose].”

The 24 year old also spoke out against the pressure of scrutiny from the media on his relationship, and how the couple work to keep their private lives out of the limelight:

“I always have to tell myself to not allow [speculation] to interfere in the beauty that we have, and I hope that she knows that as well.”

The couple, who have been dating for two and a half years, have been plagued with marriage rumours since Derulo released single Marry Me late last year.

The American Idol winner has always been open with her expectations, having previously told reporters:

“As far as the engagement and stuff? I have no idea. I’m the girl. I’m not supposed to know! When the time is right that’ll definitely happen but we’re in a really, really, good place.

“He loves me, I love him. We’ve had conversations about our future and things like that. We’re good.”

Aw, it seems like sparks are flying. (Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves.)