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10th Dec 2015

What Ever Happened To Enrique Iglesias’ Mole?

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it was inevitable that we’d forget to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of Enrique Iglesias’ mole being removed.

2003 was the year Enrique parted ways with his beautiful birthmark and frankly, the year the entire world changed.

He’s currently in Ireland, so I caught up with Enrique’s former mole, called Séamus, to see how he’s spent the last twelve years.

Me: Hi Séamus, good to see you!

Séamus: Hiya Ciara, pleasure.

Me: What a whirlwind life you’ve had, I’m interested to hear more about it.

Séamus: ‘Rique and I had a great few years together. We were 27 when we separated, but it felt like we were 107. He was always very good to me. Regular exfoliation, expensive moisturisers, extra suncream on sunny days. I truly enjoyed every minute we spent together. We saw the world and shared so many wonderful experiences. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a surprise when ‘Rique got rid of me, but I don’t hold a grudge, these things happen. What doesn’t kill you spoils the broth!

396891 04: Singer Enrique Iglesias poses outside Grand Ville nightclub November 3, 2001 in West Hollywood, CA. (Photo by David Klein/Getty Images)Séamus and Enrique during happier times

Me: You mean, makes you stronger?

Séamus: Yeah, that as well.

Me: So where have you been since the separation?

Séamus: I’ve done a bit of traveling, saw the rest of the world. I’m really enjoying my time in Ireland at the moment, there’s a lot of cool things to do and see around here. I’ve obviously been documenting it all in my Moleskine and my absolute highlight was when I visited Molesworth Street in Dublin. What a place! Had to get my photo taken under the street sign, it blew up on my Facebook, over 30 likes!

mole tripSéamus embarking on his travels

Me: Séamus, you’re a gas mole.

Séamus: Stop!

Me: Do you ever think you’ll settle down, maybe provide someone else with your services again?

Séamus: Holy moly, that’s a good question Ciara. I’m currently on the dole – a mole on the dole, haha! But honestly, I don’t know if I’m ready. I’ve been chatting with Amanda Byram’s people the last while, more so trying to figure out what’s going on there, but if the right person was to come along, I hope I’d be ready to love again.

We wish Séamus all the best!