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16th Jun 2021

Westlife’s Mark hopeful that “biggest gigs” of his life will go ahead this summer

Jade Hayden

“We will be on that stage if we’re allowed to.”

Westlife’s Mark Feehily has said that he is hopeful that this summer’s Wembley gigs will go ahead.

Mark, Shane, Nicky, and Cian are set to play two massive concerts in London’s Wembley Arena this August, however their plans have been thrown into question since the UK’s recent delay of “freedom day” and the prevalence of the Delta Covid variant.

Mark told Amy Huberman on Aldi’s Mamia & Me podcast that he “hopes” the gigs will be permitted to go ahead.

“We’ll be under the control of guidelines. I hope it happens,” he said. “I think for us and, I can tell, by our fans, we all need a bloody day out together.

“At the moment Wembley is on in London which is one of the biggest gigs of our lives. It’s like ‘either the biggest gig of your lives is gonna happen or it’s not’ and the closer we get I’m like ‘is it happening?’

“Everyone is asking me and we’ll do the gig if we can, but we won’t do it if there’s any risk or danger or anything like that. We just don’t know yet. We will be on that stage if we’re allowed to.”

This comes after Mark recently called for a change to Ireland’s surrogacy laws for LGBTQ parents.

The dad, who welcomed his daughter Layla in 2019, said that if he were to have another child with partner Cailean, “I loved to not have to go to the other side of the world to do [it].

“It’s Layla’s equal rights, kids born through surrogacy at the moment, when they come back to Ireland are fit into law made for a different set of people,” he said.

“The children are here, they’re born and they deserve to be recognised. They deserve to be taken care of legally […]  As a father, I feel a duty to do what I can to create a better world for my daughter to grow up in.”