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09th May 2014

WATCH: Reese Witherspoon’s Latest Starring Role – Slurring Cara Delevingne’s Name in a Video

The model has since deleted the videos from her Instagram.


What more could you ask for of a Friday evening than a drunken Instagram film featuring an all-star cast at the Met Ball?

The 14 second clip is courtesy of model of the moment Cara Delevingne who appears to be joined in a lift with Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Upton.

The video shows a drunk Reese Witherspoon slurring her words and telling the model she can’t pronounce her name:

“If any of you force me to say your last name, I’ll be f****d.”

Despite her own admission, the actress gives it a shot… and fails miserably.

Cara has since deleted the video from her account – but not before copies were made across the internet.

Probably one of the few times sharing is definitely not caring Cara. Awkward.

The actress later tries to defend herself in a second video, where she tells Delevingne:

“You know what’s the most important thing in a name for a girl? Is that a man can whisper it into his pillow.”

How 1950s of you Reese. Might also be the time someone let’s her know Cara happens to be dating Michelle Rodriguez…

Video via AlexSp12TV