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25th Feb 2016

WATCH: James Corden And Jenna Dewan Tatum Dancing With Toddlers Is Your Thursday Tonic

We now secretly want to take this dance class.

That’s it. We officially want to be James Corden’s best friend.

And if he wants to suggest we stop by for a class of toddlerography, we’ll happily oblige.

The talkshow presenter was joined by actress and dancer Jenna Dewan Tatum, who decided to take on a dance class with a difference.

Wheeling in a series of toddlers, the name of the game was imitating every turn, strop, kick and hand gesture.

We’re not sure if we loved the toddlers, 80s dance gear, or enthusiasm the most, but this is a pretty quick way to brighten up your Thursday night.

Did we mention is was choreographed to Sia’s ‘Alive;?

Enough said.

Video: The Late Late Show with James Corden