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26th May 2016

WATCH: Anne Hathaway absolutely RUINS James Cordon in heated rap battle

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Looking at Anne Hathaway, you wouldn’t think she’d make much of a rapper.

She’s goofy, awkward and talks way too much. But in the latest appearance of Drop the Mic, Kanye, Drake et al may need to watch their backs.

On the Late Late Show with James Corden, the Les Mis actress and ex-Gavin and Stacy star Corden fought in a glorious rap battle which has truly delighted us all.

Among the jibes between the two, Corden mocks Hathaway on a number of things – her British accent in the romantic film One Day, her extended acceptance speech at the Oscars and her role as office mule in The Devil Wears Prada.

Our gal Anne didn’t hold back when coming for Mr. Corden either, taking the mick out of his bulky frame, pointing out his terrible TV ratings and last but not least, the fact that no-one knows who he is in Hollywood. OUCH.

In the clip, Anne is seen taking her heels and hat off to truly serve James a sickly sweet taste of his own medicine.

Could there be a remake of 8 Mile with Hathaway on the cards?

I hope so.

Lead image via YouTube