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18th Oct 2022

Vogue Williams speaks out against Britney’s naked photos

“Go to OnlyFans”

Vogue Williams has spoken out against Britney’s nude photos. The singer has been posting photos from her trip to Mexico, including ones of her on a nudist beach.

Many found the snaps empowering, but Vogue disliked seeing the photos so much that she unfollowed her.

Vogue claimed she has nothing against Britney, but felt Instagram wasn’t the right place to post naked snaps.

Speaking on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, the mum said;

“I’m not being mean, okay? I just don’t want people’s naked bodies in my face.

“Sometimes I’m just like ‘ugh, not again.’ So I did it. I unfollowed Britney. I had to do it. It was time.”

Vogue’s co-host Joanne McNally responded, “Lads, we all need to tread very carefully around poor Britney.”


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Williams stressed, “I love Britney, right. I loved her dancing, what she used to do.

Vogue continued, “I don’t love having to see nearly nakedness.”

The mum also said she feels sorry for Britney’s two sons.

“I do feel sorry for her kids as well because her kids were pissed off about the naked sh*t. And then when people say they’re pissed off about the naked sh*t she keeps, like, pushing more on it.”

“Go to OnlyFans. Go to OnlyFans,” she added.

McNally stressed that there was nothing wrong with the photos because they were censored.

However, Vogue disagreed with her co-host.

McNally said being naked helps Britney express herself.

“I think the vibe with her is that she’s been silenced. She feels like she’s had her voice taken away from her.

“Now she’s just screaming from the rooftops.

“She wants to express herself and part of that is nakedness,” McNally argued.