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02nd Feb 2024

‘She has nothing to apologise for’ – Britney Spears’ apology to Justin Timberlake sparks debate online

Sophie Collins


Why should Britney feel she has to apologise for her own truth?

In a recent Instagram post, Britney Spears surprised fans by praising Justin Timberlake’s latest track, ‘Selfish’. 

The same upload saw the star issue an apology for certain claims featured in her memoir, ‘The Woman in Me’.

The Instagram caption read: “I wanna apologise for some of the things I wrote about in my book. If I offended any of the people I genuinely care about, I am deeply sorry.” 

Her post received a lot of backlash in the comments which led the 42-year-old to put her profile on private.

The apology stemmed from her 2023 memoir, in which Spears disclosed a deeply personal moment of their past – revealing that she had an abortion during her and Justin’s relationship. 

The book claims that Timberlake did not welcome the pregnancy, stating: “Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. 

“He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives, that we were way too young.” 

As the hate comments rolled in about the apology, many of her fans jumped to her defence, saying she has nothing to apologise for and that her memoir was “her truth”.

The timing of Spears’ apology coincides with a resurgence of Timberlake’s music career and his latest song release but her fans are wondering if someone strategically encouraged the apology.

Following the release of ‘The Woman in Me’, fans orchestrated a campaign to propel Britney’s 2011 song, “Selfish,” to the top of the iTunes charts, surpassing the performance of Timberlake’s latest track and damaging his long-planned return.

Now people are asking if her apology was as a result of damage control – knowing how powerful and persistent the Britney fans are.

One wrote: “Britney you shouldn’t have to apologise for speaking your truth you have not to apologise for. I love Britney and I know she always takes the high road but this isn’t right tbh.”

Another said: “Where did that apology come from and why? Your memoir is your truth.”

A third wrote: “Ok, who orchestrated this apology? Leave Britney alone.”

So was this Britney simply being the kind-hearted soul she is, or do you think someone put the pressure on given the ongoing backlash for Justin? Let us know in the comments.