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28th Apr 2014

VIDEO: Sky News Releases Bizarre Video Of Max Clifford Following Guilty Verdict

This is a strange one...


He hit the headlines this morning after being found guilty on eight counts of indecent assault on teenage girls in the 1980s but celebrity publicist Max Clifford is back in the news again after making a very strange appearance on Sky News.

71-year-old Clifford was released from custody ahead of sentencing next week and following the conclusion of the six-week trial, Sky News posted a clip to its YouTube channel showing the publicist sneak up on reporter Tom Parmenter as he was filming a report on the case. In a comment accompanying the video, the broadcaster said “during his trial, Max Clifford couldn’t resist the lure of the media. The following clip wasn’t live or shown at the time although the celebrity publicist didn’t know that when he approached the camera”.