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11th Mar 2014

Too Stubborn to Support Katy Perry: Lorde Wants to Headline Own Show

Ruler of her own stage...


Lorde has told Kyle Sandilands’ radio show she turned down the opportunity to support Katy Perry on her upcoming Prismatic tour because, “I wanted to be headlining my own shows”.

Speaking on KIIS FM, the 17 year old Royals singer claimed she was too ‘stubborn’ and ‘independent’ to open a show for somebody else, and instead wants to establish her career as an artist in her own right.

Kyle Sandilands lived up to his own ‘shock jock’ reputation when he later questioned the New Zealander over her close relationship with Taylor Swift during the early morning interview.

Propositioning the singer to come clean on her relationship with Swift, Sandilands said:

‘I see you guys’ pictured everywhere are you guys together now? Not together as in lesbians, I’m not talking about “Ellen together” I’m talking about, like you guys are friendly right?’

Lorde was quick to fire back a response, asking what was wrong with lesbians and warned the DJ:

“Don’t even try it,” when he tried to snoop further into the friendship.

So it seems Lorde’s lips are tied, unless she’s headlining her own show.