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26th Nov 2016

Tom Hanks’ recreation of a scene from Forrest Gump on Graham Norton was brilliant

Tom Hanks, once again, proves that he’s an absolute champ.

You’d think that one the biggest movie stars on the planet might have the slightest flaw in his personality but after years and years of mainstream exposure, we can’t detect any reason to dislike him.

Not one. He might just be the most likeable man on the face of the earth.

And he proved it yet again in an appearance on The Graham Norton show on Friday night, when he charmed the audience with a recreation of the scene where he decides to start running in Forrest Gump, purely because he was joined on the couch by Mo Farah.

Clip via The Graham Norton Show

Honestly, this is worth it for Hanks’ pronunciation of ‘run-ning’ in Gump’s distinctive accent alone.

What a man.