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30th Jun 2016

This is not a drill – Courteney Cox is in Ireland right now

courteney cox

First Matt le Blanc, now Courteney Cox.

The kingdom that is Co. Kerry has had its fair share of famous faces in recent times between two members of the Friends cast and the entire Star Wars movie crew.

It’s a pretty damn fabulous part of the world *hello Ring of Kerry drive, hiya sandy beaches* and it’s no surprise that it’s fast becoming a destination for celebs.

Anyway before I wax lyrical about the wonders of Kerry any further (I’m slightly obsessed), let’s get back to Courteney.

According to Twitter, she’s currently hanging out in Kerry. EEEEK.

The actress and her other half, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid are filming there for Bear Grylls hard-core survival skills TV show, Running Wild.

She seems to be au fait with the weather already and isn’t at all surprised y the fact that it rains a lot.

So if you’re in the vicinity of Kerry this weekend, keep your eyes peeled.