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02nd Jan 2018

This is Jeremy McConnell’s ‘real’ name and we’re not able

Jeremy McConnell is seeking joint custody of son Caben


It seems that Jeremy McConnell isn’t actually Jeremy after all with the 27-year-old changing his name ahead of his first ever TV appearance.

Jeremy is actually Adrian Jeremy McConnell but ahead of his appearance on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs, he decided to go by his middle name instead of his first.

Having had a look at his Wikipedia page, it seems that this is in indeed true and he is actually Adrian Jeremy even if his choice of Jeremy is much more widely-known.

This news has come to light after Jeremy decided to get himself a title, ‘Lord’ no less, with official paperwork to verify his new title.

Yes, that’s right, the reality TV regular has decided he wants a ‘fresh start’ and this is how he’s gone about making that change.

A friend of his told The Sun:

‘This is a fresh start for Jeremy and what better way to start anew than becoming a Lord.

‘His mates think it’s brilliant and Jeremy’s joked he wants to be known as ‘Lord McConnell’ from now on’.

We wonder what Stephanie Davis, his former partner and mother of his child Caben Ali, will have to say about Jeremy’s recent decision…