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22nd May 2019

Stacey Solomon just went IN on internet trolls for calling her ‘thick’ and ‘stupid’

Rebecca O'Keeffe

stacey solomon

Too right.

We love Stacey Solomon.

She speaks her mind, takes no shit and seems to be really good craic.

Which is why we get really annoyed when she gets trolled online for no real reason.

Last week, Stacey got attacked online by people who called her thick, stupid and dumb.

Charming, right?

The trolling occurred after a discussion about third level education on Loose Women.

Stacey took the opinion that while she fully supports continuing education, the process does not suit everyone.

A very valid point.

And so, the trolling began.

One of the comments read:

“I’m not being funny. I really doubt Stacey could have gotten into a university. And truth be told if it wasn’t for a lucky break on X Factor, then she’d probably still be working in a café (nothing wrong with cafe work), but she certainly wouldn’t have the same money.”

Stacey’s response to this rude comment?

“I have a national diploma equivalent to 3 As at A-level and could have gone to university, if I could afford it.”

“I’m an intelligent capable human. Your opinion demonstrates a lack of education & ability to see past stereotypical traits in a human that society deems unintelligent.”

Yo go girl. Take no shit.