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18th Mar 2021

Stacey Solomon: How to make your own watering can garden light

Fancy getting creative?

Summer is almost here, and thank god for that. Soon enough there’ll be every excuse to hit up our back gardens, front gardens, and small tiny balconies with drinks, BBQs, and as much sun cream as we can muster.

So, it makes sense then that most of us are interested in sprucing up our outdoor spaces ahead of time.

Thankfully, creating somewhere you’d love to spend the bulk of your days doesn’t need to be a costly affair. In fact, there are plenty of sustainable and cheap options out there for those among us who want something a little different, but also super creative.

Enter Stacey Solomon, and her easy how-to guide for transforming an hold watering can into a stunning outdoor light.

In her new book Tap to Tidy, Stacey shares some of her cleaning and crafty tips with fans, encouraging readers to add a bit more tidiness into their hectic lives to leave them feeling zen as well as creative.

The book, which is available to buy now, also includes a selection of sustainable crafts, allowing anyone to turn their old junk into something new and exciting.

The following extract from Tap to Tidy details how to turn an old watering can into a stunning garden light.


Watering can garden light 

  • A drill or screwdriver
  • An old watering can
  • A spray of fairy lights

1. Use a drill to make a few of the holes in the watering can spout/rose slightly bigger – or you could use a screwdriver and wiggle it around.

2. Then, take the spray of fairy lights (I used solar ones) and thread the strands through the holes, to be the ‘water’.

3. You could leave it like that, or I looped some string around the handle of the watering can, so I could hang it at an angle off my fence post, with a nail in the fence panel to help it stay put. When it’s dark, the fairy lights switch on and it looks like it’s pouring light!

Photo credit: Chelsea White. Extracted from Tap to Tidy by Stacey Solomon (Ebury Press, €17.99).