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19th Feb 2016

Speidi Have Outraged People Comparing The End Of The Hills As ‘Our 9/11’

The reality TV stars made a few crazy claims in an interview.

They’re one of the most outrageous couples on reality TV, with stints on The Hills, Big Brother and fly-on-the-wall documentaries.

Now Spedi, made up of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, have spoken out about their time on The Hills – causing outrage.

The pair, who were cast members on the MTV show from May 2006 until its cancellation in July 2010, said they weren’t prepared for their fame to wind down:

“[The Hills getting cancelled] was our 9/11.

“Nobody wants to break into our home anymore. They Google our new worth and see we are worth $10.”

The couple, who live rent-free in Pratt’s father’s second home, also claimed that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick based their on-screen romance on their own relationship:

“She asked, ‘What do Heidi and Spencer do? I need [to know] all the exact things, because we’re doing exactly what they do’.”

Following the comments, the pair understandably faced a backlash from those who were angered that a tragic event was compared to the fake reality show.

Taking to Twitter to apologise, Spencer posted: