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10th Aug 2015

Screenwriter Diablo Cody Wants Jennifer Lawrence For ‘Sweet Valley High’ Movie

We NEED this to happen.

A couple of months ago, we heard the VERY exciting news that a remake of the Sweet Valley High TV series was in the pipeline.

However, there’s also talk of a movie and Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody has been linked to it for some time.

Cody believes that A-lister Jennifer Lawrence could be the key to ensuring the movie gets the go-ahead (we are so on board with this).

We NEED J-Law to star in this film!

Speaking to Vulture, Jennifer said:  “You always need that wild-card element who actually gets things moving.

“Maybe if Jennifer Lawrence said tomorrow that she wants to play Elizabeth and Jessica, the movie gets made.

“Please. Jennifer Lawrence, you can get me an automatic green-light for Sweet Valley High. Let’s do this!”

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield (Cynthia and Brittany Daniel)

If it gets the much coveted green night, the movie will focus on the TV series starring Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield which ran from 1994-1997.