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09th Mar 2018

Sarah Godfrey’s International Women’s Day post is proving all sorts of controversial

Well this took a turn rather quickly...

Gillian Fitzpatrick

On Thursday, blogger Sarah Godfrey shared a photo of her wearing shorts and a sports bra with her 136K Insta followers.

“Today is a day to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives who help, support & inspire us,” she began in the post that aimed to mark International Women’s Day while also promoting Women’s Best shakes.

“I listed many amazing females on my story today who do that for me. I’m so proud to work with a company who’s [sic] vision is to support women around the world and create a positive community of women who support each other.”

She then concluded: “To celebrate @womensbest are doing a big sale of 25% off this week.

“I hope all you girls who follow me have a wonderful day and remember to be kind to each other. Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”

A post shared by Sarah Godfrey (@sarah_godfrey_) on

Since being shared, the post has garnered significant tractor – with some considering that it’s pretty inappropriate.

Among them was well-known former model Emma Quinlan, who stated: “Ugh it’s international woman’s day… celebrating women, not selling out to a brand. Shameless.”

Sarah was quick to respond, however, with a: “How I am selling out? And yeah it’s a day celebrating women and all about how women should empower each other and not try bring each other down. Guess that’s still something you need to learn.”

Still, Emma persevered, asking: “Women died looking for the right to vote, work after marriage, go to uni and as recent as a few months ago drive in Saudi and you’re trying to sell a product using that hashtag? That is selling out.”

A post shared by Sarah Godfrey (@sarah_godfrey_) on

To which Sarah highlighted: “I am just doing my job. The way you are speaking to me is extremely rude and condescending and you should really ask yourself why it bothers you so much what I do and what I post?”

Emma concluded with a “I’m not rude at all. Just called you out.”

And understandably a load of others started chipping in then afterwards.

One person suggested to Sarah: “There would be alot of women jealous of a women such as yourself.. you should phase them out and let them speak after all jealousy makes a person speak a lot of crap.” They added: “Thank you for being a motivation and a role model.”

While another sided the other way: “I’m sorry Sarah as much as I love your content and support you as a strong working woman I have to say I am inclined to agree with Emma.

“I’ve been following you a good while and you’re clearly hard working but I find this post leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

The added: “It’s disappointing.”

What do you think of Sarah’s post?