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07th Mar 2024

Inspiring women get their own Barbie for International Women’s Day

Jody Coffey



As we approach International Women’s Day, inspiring women from all corners of the world, various industries, and in our lives come to mind.

Regardless of how we may show our admiration for these powerful females, they deserve all the recognition they get.

Mattel, creators of the Barbie doll, have shown their appreciation for eight leading ladies across their respective fields by creating dolls made in their image.

This comes in conjunction with their 65 year anniversary.

“Around the world, women have always risen above the status quo to imagine bigger possibilities for themselves and future generations,” the Instagram account for Barbie writes.

“For 65 years, Barbie has upheld the belief that through storytelling and play, #YouCanBeAnything – which is why we’re spotlighting eight new Barbie Role Models who’ve shown us just that.”

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren, an actress who has dominated the film industry for over six decades, is one woman who has received the creative token for the annual day of female celebration.

Mattel took inspiration for the 78-year-old’s doll from her look at the Jeanne du Barry screening at the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival last year.

Credit: Getty & Mattel

In a statement posted to her website, the renowned actress expressed her gratitude about being chosen as a role model Barbie.

“I am absolutely blown away by my Barbie. It’s a very special thing, and something I can add to my list of my favourite achievements; becoming a Dame of the British Empire, having an Oscar, having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and having my own Barbie!”

Shania Twain

Canadian singer, Shania Twain, was also honoured for International Women’s Day with her very own Barbie.

Twain’s doll is modelled from her Las Vegas residency tour, Come On Over, complete with a top hat, trench coat, and bubblegum pink hair.

In response to being chosen as a role model, the iconic singer called it a ‘pinch me’ moment.

“All I’ve wanted to do my whole life is tell stories of empowerment, independence, and self-expression through my songwriting, getting to do that and inspire women and girls along the way is the dream… everything else is a beautiful bonus!” she wrote on Instagram.

“It means a lot to expand my responsibility as a role model into the Barbie world, thank you Barbie and Mattel for creating this reflection of me. I love her!! #Barbie #Barbie65”

Viola Davis

Award-winning actress, author, and activist, Viola Davis, has also been spotlighted by Barbie for her inspirational on-screen characters and real-life actions.

Credit: Getty & Mattel

Speaking on being made a role model, Davis recalled how much this would mean to a younger version of her.

“Honestly, I wanted this Barbie to make little 6-year-old Viola squeal,” Davis shared in a press release, per PEOPLE.

“It is my biggest gift to her…my lifelong mission and legacy to make her feel pretty, seen, and worthy. No words…just joy.”

Maira Gomez

Indigenous content creator, Maira Gomez, has her own Barbie which represents her native country, Brazil.

In response to the tribute for International Women’s Day, Gomez conveyed her gratitude to Mattel.

“It’s meeeeeee y’all ! Could it be a dream?” she wrote on Instagram.

This week we were in São Paulo to receive this beautiful tribute from Mattel, representing Brazil in Barbie Role Model in commemoration of Barbie’s 65 years and International Women’s Day.

“Thank you Mattel for this tribute and it is an honor to represent our Country. After all, You Can Be Whatever You Want! Gratitude.”

Kylie Minogue

Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue, will also be featured in Barbie’s 65th anniversary role models.

Speaking on the announcement, the singer expressed her excitement and disbelief about being a Barbie.

“Look at Padam Barbie!!!! Baby Kylie would NOT believe this is happening right now,” the Love At First Sight singer shared.

Nicole Fujita

New Zealand-born Japanese model and tarento, Nicole Fujita, also finds her image given to the iconic Mattel doll ahead of International Women’s Day.

The 26-year-old TV personality has over 6 million followers online, garnering attention for her fashion, beauty, and fitness tips.

Credit: Nicole Fujita & Mattel

Lila Avilés 

Mexican director, Lila Avilés, is being recognised for her rise on the international stage, with two feature films, both of which have represented Mexico at the Oscars.

Speaking on her selection for Barbie, the Tótem director described it as “an incredible, beautiful, and surreal surprise” to Variety.

“It’s not only me but my career that is being honored,” she shared.

Credit: IMDb & IG

Enissa Amani

Enissa Amani is an Iranian-German comedian, artist, and activist. Her image will too be immortalised by Mattel in their doll.

She uses her platform of 1.2 million followers to bring awareness to human rights issues.

Credit: IG & Mattel