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28th Sep 2018

Roz Purcell shares powerful post after being body shamed on social media

You tell 'em.

Denise Curtin

“I was inspired to write this post by some guy who felt the need to comment on my shape.”

Roz Purcell has taken a stand again trolls after being recently body shamed on Instagram.

Taking to the platform, the star explained that “some guy” felt the need to comment on one of her recent pictures, which was candidly snapped of the star laughing. Revealing that the comment read “you need to do more squats”, Roz has now shared an image of herself as a reminder of “what a normal butt looks like on here”.


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Sharing the post as a “gentle reminder” to people, Roz continued to say:

Firstly, never comment on someone’s shape regardless if you think a girl should have a big bum / small waist/ less muscle/ gain weight/ lose weight or whatever, it’s their body & also you don’t know their story/journey.

Continuing, she said:

“Secondly let me just say I’ll be the first to admit genetically I’m all front and no back (easy quad gains) and for your information, I do train my glutes & all posterior chain to balance out my physique & prevent reoccurring IT pain. So go ***k yourself & next time you’re scrolling on Instagram or in a gym don’t feel the need to comment on what you think would make them more aesthetically pleasing to you….”

The post has since been inundated with people commenting praise for the star and for sticking up for herself and against the trolls.

You tell ’em.