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30th Mar 2023

Roz Purcell shares update on her alopecia struggle

Kat O'Connor

Roz Purcell has opened up about her alopecia journey.

Roz went to see Dr. Caitriona Ryan about a bald patch she has on the top of her head.

Roz praised the doctor after having an extremely positive appointment with her.

The influencer explained that you need a GP referral to see Dr. Ryan, but it is worth it.

“If you’re dealing with hair loss, alopecia, pattern baldness then you need to go to this woman.”

“She’s so thorough and to the point,” Roz said.

“She tells you what works and what doesn’t and is so positive about all the help that is out there now.”

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Dr. Ryan examined Roz’s hair, her medical history and the bald patch on her head.

She gave the influencer steroid injections that should help her hair grow back.

Roz said her hair usually takes around 8 months to grow back, but Dr. Ryan said the injections should encourage growth. She may even notice some improvement within four weeks.

The influencer has been praised for discussing her experience with hair loss.

She praised Dr. Ryan for being so positive. “She was straight in with solutions.”

Roz opened up about dealing with alopecia earlier this year.

She said the experience has been incredibly tough for her.

“So I have been having, kind of not the best time over the last two or three months.

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“I can’t switch it on as much as maybe I used to. The annoying thing is that because of that, the alopecia is back which, in a very vain way, is the most annoying part.’

“I’ve done it before, back on my bulls***. I’m f***ing tackling another bald patch. Here we go. I can’t believe I’m back to this point! But here we go, alopecia round three.”

Alopecia happens when the immune system attacks your hair follicles and causes hair loss.

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