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22nd Feb 2024

Minister reverses decision to cut life-changing support for hair loss patients

Kat O'Connor

Hair loss patients were understandably devastated by the decision

The impact hair loss can have on people not only affects them physically but mentally too.

Losing your hair is something that can have a detrimental impact on you so having funding there to support patients is essential.

Earlier today, the HSE reversed the decision to cut life-changing support to hair loss patients.

There was a major uproar after news of the support cuts broke, but the Minister has reportedly “rowed back” on this decision.

Speaking about the controversial decision, hair, scalp, and wig specialist, Aileen Maher said cancer patients are now only entitled to the cost of just one piece.

Maher said: “This is devastating for these women and for all women in Ireland. Hair loss is not just about how we look; it has a huge impact on mental health and self-esteem.

“Access to services like hair scalp and wig therapy is not a luxury but a necessity for those suffering hair loss.”

She said the funding helps to alleviate the burdens faced by vulnerable individuals.

Maher has been able to provide “invaluable support to clients, offering them a semblance of normalcy and dignity amidst their struggles”.

However, now that the funds have been abruptly shut down, alopecia and cancer patients will “feel even more marginalised”.

“If you have cancer or alopecia or any hair loss condition, so many aspects of normal life are taken from you.”

“Do the HSE really want to take this away too?” she asked.

Patients are relieved to see the HSE reinstate funding initiatives, ensuring access to support for all individuals facing hair loss.

“This is not just about hair; it’s about dignity, confidence, and the ability to live life on one’s own terms. The HSE must recognize the impact of their decisions on the well-being of countless individuals and reinstate this funding, immediately.”



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