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03rd May 2016

Remember Rebecca from Geordie Shore? She’s looking very different these days

You would barely recognise her.

You would barely recognise her. 

Fans of Geordie Shore will remember Rebecca as having brown hair and being loud and boisterous.

She joined the show for the second series and made an impression for the word go. In one of her first scenes she had a blazing row with Vicky and came out with one of the best lines of the entire show.


Well, these days she’s the complete opposite sporting a whole new look and is now a mum to two-year-old Harry.

Look at how CUTE Harry is.

She recently updated fans as to why she didn’t appear on the reunion shore citing Harry and work commitments as the reasons.

“Would like to thank everyone for the lovely tweets in regards to the geordie shore reunion I didn’t take part as I have harry now and work commitments, although it would of been a blast and lovely to catch up with everyone.

I thought it was the best choice for my self to give it a miss I am really looking forward to watching it. It was really down to the stage that I’m at in life being a mother and working. I do miss being the care free 18-year-old girl who was once apart of all the madness xx .”