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06th Dec 2023

‘It scares me’ – Rachel Gorry gets honest about finding love again

Kat O'Connor

Rachel Gorry said she never thought she’d be a widow at 29

Influencer, Rachel Gorry has opened up about finding love again after losing her husband.

The mum was talking to her Instagram followers about relationships and the heartbreaking loss of her husband.

Rachel said she always told her followers that she wouldn’t find love again, but she may have been naive.

The mum said moving on is so daunting, but it’s something that may be possible one day.

She doesn’t want to leave her late husband Daniel in the past, but she also knows that being alone forever is so hard.

“I suppose four years pass and the loneliness creeps in and my thoughts have changed.

“I kind of feel like maybe I am ready for something or maybe it would be nice to spend your life with someone. It might be nice to have somebody there,” she said.

Rachel said she was a bit naive to think she would be alone for the rest of her life.

“Now don’t get me wrong it scares me so much, I’ve never actually said that out loud,” she added.

She said moving on is something she struggles to wrap her head around, but moving on doesn’t mean she’s replacing Daniel.

“It kind of makes me feel like that means I’m leaving Daniel in the past if I was to meet somebody and that’s not the case because Daniel is such a massive part of my life and he always will be,” she explained.

The influencer’s followers have always praised her for being so honest about her life. The way Rachel speaks so honestly is incredibly brave.