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11th May 2018

Prince Harry set his mate up with a woman and we are absolutely swooning

prince harry

If only we could have a prince set us up…

An army man that Prince Harry used to serve with in Afghanistan has opened up about a rather brief encounter that left his future wife’s “jaw on the floor.”

The Corporal was speaking to reporters outside Hyde Park this week, and told them the story of when Harry passed by when he was trying to impress a young woman.

Corporal Frankie O’Leary from the Household Cavalry said that the prince once “rather kindly helped me get in well with a young lady.”

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He said: “He [Prince Harry] saw me walking with a young lady. Unbeknownst to me, he was driving on his own, just going for a spin like you do as an English prince. He wound the window down and said, ‘See you later, Frank’.

“I was like, ‘See you later, sir’,” which he said left his date with “her jaw on the floor.”

“I just played it off as cool,” before he said, “It helped – she’s become my wife.”

Frankie will be in attendance when Harry says ‘I do’ as he is a member of the royal couple’s carriage procession which will include 24 other soldiers and two officers on horseback.

Speaking about accompanying Harry and Meghan, he joked: “He might well give me a bit of abuse about my sword position or riding position but I think he’ll be more excited by the fact he’s pulled a cracker and will get to take her home.

Alright Frankie, calm down.

“It is a real sense of pride to be asked to be involved in what is going to be an amazing occasion and celebration,” he added.