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18th May 2023

Phillip Schofield reportedly refusing to quit This Morning

Kat O'Connor

Holly and Phillip

The This Morning presenters have reportedly drifted apart.

Phillip Schofield is apparently refusing to step down from his This Morning presenting gig.

Amid reports of tensions between Schofield and Holly Willoughby, a source told The Daily Mail that the presenter is refusing to walk away from the show.

They said: “Phil doesn’t see why he should go. It’s his job, he has steered the show for more than 20 years.”

The pair have reportedly gone through multiple rough patches before, but the latest one has caused a rift.

A source told The Mirror: “Holly and Phil have gone through rough patches before like any professional pairing who have worked together for over a decade. Before they have always seemed to move on, but this time it seems different.”

The source said Holly loves working on This Morning, but “she has made it clear that should Phil ever leave she would want to stay”.

“They are separate entities,” the source added.

The team behind This Morning is aware of the rift between them and has noticed the pair drift apart since the queue-skipping scandal and Schofield’s brother’s court case.

The team is aware that they’re not as close as they once were.

The pair drifted apart after Holly found out about Phillip’s brother’s sexual assault case through a third party.

Schofield’s brother Timothy was found guilty of 11 sexual offenses involving a child between October 2016 and October 2019.


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