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17th May 2016

People are slating Kim Kardashian for offering fans the chance to win… a trip to the dentist

So, Kim Kardashian is living the most glamorous existence possible.

Private jets to Cannes, endless red carpets, a glam squad to cater to her contouring needs.

Naturally she likes to run some giveaways on her site to give fans a chance to live in her very fancy shoes for a change.

This one isn’t getting that great a reception:

A trip to the dentist.

“But he’s her favourite dentist!” I hear you cry.

Still, though, a competition to win a tooth whitening from her favourite tooth doctor is a bit…off.

People on Twitter are now pointing out how deeply odd the entire premise is, and it’s gold:

We’re sure Dr. Sands would be an excellent dentist and a visit would be a wonderful experience, but it’s hardly the most luxurious or indeed relaxing experience in the world.

Maybe next time it will be a trip in a private jet or a Balmain wardrobe…