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15th Oct 2022

Need a couple’s costume for Halloween? Look no further

Can you tell I was a child in the early 2000s?

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year and one of the only times it’s socially acceptable to drag your significant other to a party dressed exactly how you want.

As a late 90s baby, when I think of couples’ costumes, I typically think of something Disney related or a film from that era – but let’s be honest, they make the best costumes.

TikTok has been one of the best places to get costume inspo from, but if you’re sick to death of going through them, I compiled a list of the best I’ve come across.

So without further ado, here are some of the best I’ve seen.

Woody and Little Bo Peep

@marbaby01 #halloween #toystory #woody #costume #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #bopeep ♬ M A C Y Y M C A – Cas Logan

Of course, these are classic Disney characters but so easy to recreate. Plus who doesn’t love Toy Story?

Buzz Lightyear and Jessie

@abbygatessss Replying to @Drea9 buzz lightyear ?& jessie ? costume as requested #jessietoystory #buzzlightyearofstarcommand #toystorycostume #duocostumes #fypシ #halloweencostumeideas #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

With Lightyear coming out this year, it’s a great excuse to get your fella into a costume, and it’s win-win as you get to be Jessie from Toy Story (arguably one of the best characters).

Shark boy and Lava Girl

@sabrinacarpenter official audition tape for #sharkboyandlavagirl 2 @joshuatbassett ♬ original sound – Rayne Fernandez

We all remember this movie right? Move over Marvel, these are the superheroes we’re going for this year. Also, Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett did this in 2020 and it worked way too well.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

@nosl33pp ???‍?#greenscreen#halloween #halloweencostume #couplecostumes #kimpossible ♬ Kim Possible Theme Song – disneyylyrics

I promise this is the last of the Disney costumes but cargo pants are in any way, why not put them to good use and go as these Disney Channel legends.

The Corpse Bride

An incredible costume from an incredible film, giving a more spooky element, the make up on this one is the most fun part.

Morticia and Gomez


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Remember when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did this? Just copy them.

Cosmo and Wanda

@artxmariana Ya bailo una vez, así que lo traje de nuevo, gracias por ser mi #cosmo #fypシ #halloween #costume #thefairlygodparents #cosmoywanda #happyhalloween ♬ You Can Do It – Dahyun

Again showing my age, we have the Fairly Odd Parents themselves, Cosmo and Wanda. This one is simple, you can literally be anything once it’s green and pink.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Simple, elegant and people will cop it immediately even with minimal effort. A black tux, black dress and fake guns and you’re good to go.

Steve and Robin

With another season of Stranger Things over, once again everyone will be doing something from the show so why not one-up them with Steve and Robin in those sailor costumes.

Beetlejuice and Lydia

I haven’t seen many Beetlejuices in a good few years and it’s definitely time to bring him back.

Anakin and Padme

Leia and Han Solo who? If you’re going to do Star Wars, don’t go with the obvious choice.

Austin Powers and Fembot

Because this is obviously a classic.