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29th Sep 2022

Molly-Mae opens up on her pregnancy symptoms so far

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She’s doing well so far.

After announcing she and Tommy Fury are expecting their first baby over the weekend, Molly Mae Hague has opened up about some of her pregnancy symptoms so far.

During an Instagram Q&A on Wednesday, the former Love Island star discussed some of her symptoms, as well as how she had to keep her pregnancy a secret for a while.

Confessing that she didn’t film her friends and family’s reaction to the news, she admitted that even filming Tommy’s was strange.

She said: “I just didn’t feel ready to make videos/film things for a good while because I still couldn’t comprehend that I was pregnant myself. Sometimes I still don’t believe it now (even though I can feel baby move).

“I absolutely love watching other peoples pregnancy reaction vids and I always imagined we would make one! But yeah I think I just wasn’t ready to get the camera out.”


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And moving on to speak about her pregnancy symptoms, Molly Mae recalled how “lucky” she was to not experience morning sickness.

She said: “I have been insanely lucky and haven’t had any sickness. Any small amounts of nausea I had at the start were cured instantly by eating a meal/snacks. I was able to keep working and living life as usual which really helped me to keep a secret.

“I know a lot of women experience such horrendous sickness through pregnancy and my heart truly goes out to them because I can imagine it’s just awful.”

Hiding the pregnancy from the internet, Molly Mae added that she didn’t find it hard to keep it a secret, adding: “I set myself a goal to get to 5 months without people knowing and I really didn’t think I would get that far… but we actually went past that point!

“It was so special having it as mine and Tommy’s secret – I also have some amazing secret keeping friends/family too.”