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04th Jan 2024

Barry Keoghan was not the original choice to play Oliver in Saltburn

Kat O'Connor

Everyone is talking about Barry Keoghan and his role in ‘Saltburn’

Irish actor, Barry Keoghan is all anyone wants to talk about after the release of ‘Saltburn’.

The actor’s star is certainly rising and he’s growing more and more popular as his career continues.

However, his major role in ‘Saltburn’ was almost given to another actor.

Wonka actor, Timothée Chalamet, was reportedly considered for the role but missed out to Keoghan.

Timothée Chalamet was the first pick to play Oliver Quick, but Keoghan’s co-star, Jacob Elordi, thought the Irish actor deserved to be considered too.

Director and actress, Emerald Fennell originally wanted to cast Chalamet.

However, her mind was swayed when Elordi suggested Barry Keoghan.

He recently told Vogue about the casting suggestion: “It was Emerald. Then, she said she wanted Timothée Chalamet for it, and I said “have you thought of Barry Keoghan?'”

Elordi recently admitted that he is afraid to see the response to the film, but stressed that he is extremely proud of his work.

However, he did attend an early screening of the film in his native Australia.

Elordi said it was incredible to see the audience react to the film the way they did.

He told StreamWars:

“I haven’t really heard too many because I try to hide away from it, but I went to a screening of the picture in Brisbane when it sort of first played and it was unbelievable because everybody was engaged and sort of gasping at the screen and yelling at the screen and everything like that.”

The actor says he hopes there’s no “terrible stories” from the audience, but the film is getting rave reviews.

It has been given a 79% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you watched ‘Saltburn’ yet? We can’t imagine anyone but Barry Keoghan playing Oliver Quick.